Map of war in Syria / Syria civil war map​

Syria civil war map

Syrian civil war map have been started at 2011

Russian Ka-52 helicopter crashes in Syria, both pilots killed – MoD —

High level Daesh terrorist detained in Turkey’s Izmir


 Syria civil war map : One of the four terrorists that was detained, K.E.H, is responsible for the death of at least 700 civilians in Syria’s Shaidat village on Dec. 14, 2017, according to reports

Syria news 23-4-2018

Secret tunnels in Douma city at Syria​

An anti-bomb tunnel left by the armed opposition, which controlled the town of Douma in Syria

An anti-bomb tunnel / Syria civil war map
An anti-bomb tunnel

Tour inside unequalled underground HQ built by YPG in Afrin region. Sprawling structure was nearly completed & could host up to 1,000 ppl. Syria

The headquarters of the PKK party in Afrin region / Syria civil war map
The headquarters of the PKK party in Afrin region

Israeli media releases satellite images of airbases used by Iran for its activities in Syria

airbases used by Iran in syria / Syria civil war map
1-satellite images of airbases used by Iran
satellite images /Syria civil war map
2-satellite images of airbases used by Iran
satellite images / Syria civil war map
3-satellite images of airbases used by Iran
Syria civil war map / satellite images
4-satellite images of airbases used by Iran

State Department Spokesman: Iran continues to support Hezbollah militias and destabilize Syria

Syria civil war map

Strong explosions were heard a few kilometers north of the city of Hama, believed to be the result of the explosion of an ammunition depot in the city of Qamhana / Hama / Syria.

Syria civil war map / A Clarification map of Strong explosions in the city of Qamhana / Hama / Syria
Strong explosions in the city of Qamhana / Hama / Syria

John Bolton’s national security adviser called Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel and offered him to send Egyptian troops to Syria to replace US forces and to fund a Saudi-Emirati Qatari.

Assad’s forces withdraw from the vicinity of the village of Quneitraat in Hama following a failed attempt

Syria civil war map

 Satellite photos show site flattened after US-led strikes It is reported to have been the center of Syrian research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology.

خرائط السيطرة في سوريا / Syria civil war map

Location of “Him Shinshar CW storage site” hit during last nights US cruise missile strikes

Sen. John McCain issued a statement praising President Trump’s decision to strike Syria as punishment for the chemical weapons attack. But McCain also called on Trump to set a “comprehensive strategy” in both Syria and the Middle East. 

Today, a Turkish delegation visited the southern regions of Idlib and the northern countryside of Hama, in order to explore the area and install new checkpoints there.

A woman was killed by Russian occupation raids on the village of Joseph, south of Idlib

Civil Defense: Civilians killed by artillery bombardment of the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta / Syria civil war map /

The warplanes targeted the village of Hamediyah, south of Ma’arat al-Nu’man, in rural Idlib, in the air raid./ Syria civil war map/