Withdrawal or survival? A confused US position on Syria

Despite assurances from US President Donald Trump that he will withdraw his troops from Syria soon, this possibility remains unlikely – according to observers – at the moment what it means victory for

“We will soon get out of control of 100 percent of the caliphate as they call it,” Trump said in a speech last Thursday in Ohio, referring to the vast areas occupied by the Islamic State Organization in Iraq and Syria between 2014 and 2017.

Trump also ordered the freezing of more than $ 200 million in funds for the reconstruction of Syria in information that has not been officially confirmed or rejected.

The officials told Agence France-Presse that Trump’s remarks were neither a mistake nor a mistake because he had been critical of weeks of long-term or even medium-term engagement in eastern Syria, where Washington deployed about 2,000 troops in the war against the Islamic state.

If the United States withdraws from Syria, it will run counter to the “stabilization” strategy in the areas that have been returned to the Organization until the UN-sponsored negotiations on the settlement of the conflict in Syria, a strategy called for by the Europeans.

European diplomats – surprised by Trump’s remarks – believe the West can not pull out as long as state regulation is not completely eradicated and no political solution is implemented.

Early withdrawal would also have a negative impact on US Defense Secretary James Matisse’s efforts weeks ago to persuade Turkey to halt its military operations in northern Syria against Kurdish people’s protection units, which Ankara classifies as “terrorist” while Washington sees it as a key ally. In combating state regulation.

“Leaving Syria would be a complete American surrender to Iran’s influence in the region,” said Middle East scholar Charles Leicester. “I do not think he understands the situation,” he said.

Perhaps this paradox made the rest of the administration receive President Trump’s remarks with caution, and he used to not directly address his changing positions.

“The United States is working on the ground on a daily basis in cooperation with the international community to stabilize the areas vacated by the state organization,” a diplomatic official said.

At the Pentagon, spokesman Adrian Rankin Galway said the US military mission in Syria “has not changed,” adding that “we continue to apply the president’s strategy to win the organization of the Islamic state.”

The US plan, announced by the Pentagon in January and confirmed by Secretary of State Rex Tilerson – which Trump subsequently rejected – maintains a military presence in Syria “as long as necessary” to prevent the return of state fighters, leaving no room for Russia and Iran to act. Which provides the main support to President Bashar al-Assad, enabled him to recover more than half of Syrian territory.

During his presidential campaign, President Trump criticized his predecessor, Barack Obama, for withdrawing US troops “early” from Iraq, which, according to Trump, led to the occupation of territory by the state.

Source: French


Russia and Iran.

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